Beauty Olympics #6: Battle of the Cushion Foundations

Hello, friends! I thought it was time to have another Beauty Olympics game! This time, I wanna talk about Cushion Foundation. Now I am still fairly new into cushions foundations, but I have a few handful that I wanted to test out against each other. I’m going to rate it by Coverage, Lasting Ability and Skin Reaction! So lets just jump right into it!

Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear Cushion Foundation


This cushion by far had the prettiest compact. I would not mind carrying this around with me and showing it off. It’s light on the skin, and doesn’t give you that greasy look if you’re oily prone. It had SPF 50 which was a nice surprise and provides a nice full coverage. I had no skin reactions while wearing this cushion foundation, so for those who worry about pimples popping up, you have nothing to fear here! I bought this little beauty at Walmart for $14.

And now, the break down:

  • Coverage: 5 stars – Nice full coverage, has SPF 50!
  • Lasting Ability: 4 stars, did not have to worry much about reapplying. Though it wasn’t absolutely solid.
  • Skin Reaction: 5 stars – Did not have to worry about pimples here!

I would have to say I rate this cushion a nice 4.5 stars. I loved how it treated my skin and kept me covered throughout the day. This little compact is definitely worth the try!

Tony Moly’s Pokemon Cushion Foundation:

Not only is this compact absolutely adorable, but it caters to every girls inner nerd! This cushion foundation left you looking matte without being full coverage. More of a light coverage and light on the skin too. This little cutie surprised me with an SPF 30. So it not only keeps you looking fresh but keeps your skin nice and protected as well. My skin did not have any pimples popping out from using this little cutie, but I did have to reapply a few times. I bought mine for $10.76 on Yes Styles!

The breakdown:

  • Coverage: 3 stars- more on the lighter side of the spectrum.
  • Lasting Ability: 3 stars- You might want to bring this with you on your travels.
  • Skin Reaction: 5 stars – No pimples on my face!

This little foundation was definitely worth the 4 stars that I rated it. It’s cute and nerdy and offers a light coverage for those hot days.

L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation

This little cushion foundation has a more elegant look to it for an affordable price. It’s a medium to full coverage and is the easiest to blend from the four I have to test. Very light on the skin and gives you a nice matte look. I did notice a little pimples popping out on hotter days when I tend to be sweaty, but nothing too bad. I didn’t need to reapply this foundation at all through the day, so I had nothing to worry about. I bought this for $14.99 at Target.

And now the break down:

  • Coverage: 4.5 stars – medium to full, this cushion has you covered!
  • Lasting Ability: 5 stars- You don’t have to worry about reapplying! You’re all good here!
  • Skin Reaction: 3 stars- on hot days I did notice some face demons.

Overall I rated this cushion 4.5 stars! I enjoyed this cushion foundation. I think it’s worth the price and if you’re looking for something new, I would highly recommend this little beauty.

MISSHA M Line Friends Magic Cushion Foundation

Another adorable cushion! This is another affordable cushion (depending on where you go to buy it!). Light on the skin and light to medium coverage. It’s more on the dewy side of things. I would not use this little cushion without primer, because it tends to move around on my face. Not very long lasting and I found myself having to reapply more often. I would say, this one had the best looking puff pad. I unfortunately did get a little pimples. I bought mine for $3 on Wish.

For the break down:

  • Coverage: 3 stars – light to medium coverage, mostly light.
  • Lasting Ability: 3 stars- primer and some reapplication.
  • Skin Reaction: 3 stars- I did get pimples, so it did not make my skin happy.

So overall I give this product 3 stars out of 5. It’s nice to have but not the best. I would still recommend buying this cushion because of how cute the compact is. But… I wouldn’t recommend it as your main form of coverage.

And that was all the cushion foundations I have for now! I want to know if anyone has tried these! Let me know your thoughts!

That’s all for now! Until next time!



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